Open Date : 16/09/2016

Close Date : 28/02/2017

Position : CRM

Location : Kandivali, Mumbai

Profile : CRM

Description :

Leading companies in a wide variety of industries across the globe implement reusable packaging for the economic, social and environmental value that re-use provides across the entire supply chain. Reusable pallets, hand-held containers, bulk containers, dunnage and other transport packaging items are used for the efficient storage, handling and distribution of products throughout the supply chain.

Reusable packaging products are manufactured in plastic, wood, steel or other durable material and are specifically designed for multiple trips and extended life. These products typically replace single-use transport packaging and are ideal for closed loop or well managed open-loop systems. Due to their reusable nature, they offer a rapid return on investment and a lower cost-per-trip than single-use packaging products.

“Companies that have made the switch to reusable packaging experence lower shipping and labor costs, better product protection, more productive flow of goods through distribution channels, plus better ergonomics and improved worker safety. These companies have also reduced their waste management costs and positively impacted the environment by generating less waste and reducing the need to build expensive disposal facilities or more landfill.

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